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What makes NIOS on Demand Exam good for the students

NIOS is becoming more and more popular in the world of education. Several students are getting enrolled for the NIOS on demand exam. It has given the students the option of flexibility learning. Being independent of any particular time frame, this examination system offers the students an added advantage. Only when the students are ready to appear in the examination, they go to the center and write the exam. The reasons why the number of enrollments of NIOS is increasing is listed below.

No Time Restriction

The major reason for choosing NIOS on demand exam is that it has no time restriction. Unlike other exams that have a particular time frame to appear an examination, this system is completely different. It allows the students to get educated according to their own pace. The readiness factor is dependent on the student’s ability and is independent of the institution. Whenever the students feel ready to appear the exam, they can give the exam.

Limited Subjects

For students failing in some of the subjects in Board exam, NIOS on demand exam system is the best option available. NIOS removes the burden of students to appear the examination of all the subjects to pass the Board exam. Instead, it allows the learners to give the exam of only the subjects that they have failed in the previous exam. This decreases their study load and helps to score well.

The facility of Credit Transfer

By taking admission for NIOS on demand exam, the learners can avail the facility of credit transfer. In this system, the marks of different subjects that the students have passed in the previous exam get included in the NIOS result. The students have to appear the exam only for the failed subjects. Even the students are allowed to change their subject in which they have failed if they find it difficult to pass.

Selection of Subjects

In the formal education system, students are not allowed to select their subjects. They are bound to study all the subject no matter how good or bad they are in particular subjects. In NIOS on demand exam system, the students are given the option to omit the subject they are weak in. Learners can remove difficult subjects like mathematics, accounting, etc., and instead choose fine arts, events management, etc. This will help the learners to build their careers as per their own choice.

Result Improvement

NIOS helps the learners to enhance their marks and get better board results. For availing admission to a good college, the percentage requirements are quite high. NIO helps in improving and increasing the percentage of students making them eligible for the reputed colleges.

Center for the Disabled, Aged and Employed Individuals

NIOS is also the right place for people who cannot avail the formal education due to various reasons. The employed people lack time for formal education, which makes NIOS a good option for them to complete their education. The aged person who has the willingness to learn but is unable to go to school can join NIOS and fulfill their desires. The disabled children who are unable to take formal education due to various impairments can study under NIOS. NIOS has helped all such persons to avail quality education and clear examinations efficiently.

NIOS system of education also costs low making it an affordable option for many. It has allowed the students to do well in examinations and achieve success in a career. With the growing demand of NIOS, more and more features will get added. With the NIOS system, the students can overcome the examination fear and get the necessary education at their own pace and time.