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Subject List Class 12th

National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) is the board of education under Government of India. It is the biggest open schooling institution in India. It provides two major courses- Secondary Educational Course (10th class) and Senior Secondary Course (12th class) which is similar to CBSE and IESE board in India. The main advantage of NIOS is that this board will allow you to learn in the e-learning method. To be eligible for Senior Secondary Examination under NIOS you must have to be at least 16 years old and there is no maximum age limit. Also, you need to have a pass out result of Secondary Examination under any board of education in India and you need to complete at least 24 months from Secondary Examination before appearing for Senior Secondary Examination.

Here in SVITM, we have designed the module for 12th class subjects listed on NIOS subject list. You can choose subjects from the scheme provided by NIOS. You will be required to select a minimum number of five subjects with at least one or two subjects chosen from Language group.This subject list is categorized into six groups: Group ‘A’, Group ‘B’, Group ‘C’, Group ‘D’, Group ‘E’ and Group ‘F’.

The subject list is schemed like:

Group A
  • Hindi (Theory)
  • English (Theory)
  • Urdu (Theory)
  • Sanskrit (Theory)
  • Gujrati (Theory)
  • Bengali (Theory)
  • Tamil (Theory)
  • Odia (Theory)
  • Punjabi (Theory)
Group B

  • Mathematics (Theory)
  • Home Science (Theory and Practical)
  • Psychology (Theory)
  • Geography (Theory and Practical)
  • Economics (Theory)
  • Business Studies (Theory)
  • Painting (Theory and Practical)
  • Data Entry and Operations (Theory and Practical)
Group C
  • Physics (Theory and Practical)
  • History (Theory)
  • Library and Information Science (Theory and Practical)

Group D
  • Chemistry (Theory and Practical)
  • Political Science (Theory)
  • Mass Communication (Theory and Practical)
Group E

  • Biology (Theory and Practical)
  • Accountancy (Theory)
  • Introduction to Law (Theory)
Group F
  • Computer Science (Theory and Practical)
  • Sociology (Theory)
  • Environmental Science (Theory and Practical)

You have to choose at least five subjects from above list with one or two from Language Subject Group A and the rest to be chosen from other groups with only one subject from each group. For example, you can choose English-Mathematics-Physics-Biology-Computer Science combination but you cannot choose Mathematics and Psychology in one combination as both of these subjects are in Group B. You may also choose another two additional subjects each from Group C, D, E or F. This will take extra additional fees as per as NIOS norms.